Concept Art

Over the years I have been tasked with creating sketches and digital paintings of character and game concepts. Concept art can take several forms, from thumbnail sketches on paper, to digital sculptures, to panoramic landscape paintings, and more. What makes the concept art phase so fun, is that this stage of production is where the design happens or where the fun artistic decisions are made. Good concept art also makes the job easier for production artists who have to execute the designs given them by their Art Director and concept art team.

The image below is of a game based on World War II bomber nose art. I created several classic pinup sketches and created rough paintings of each one. The art style is reflective of the pinup art of the time.

Yankee Princess Image

The image below is a detail from the Yankee Princess concept image.

Yankee Princess Detail Image

The image below is of a Terrorist Hunter game concept I was asked to create. This project included producing UI designs and character and weapon concepts for the game pitch. This is a mockup of a UI layout for selecting a character profile and weapon strategy.

Terrorist Cover Image