This is a character project that is currently under development. Modeling is in Max and 3d-Coat. Sculpting is in ZBrush. Textures painted in Photoshop. The concept behind this character was to create a set of "Hero" assets, meaning these assets would be created at a fairly high LOD for use in UI presentation cinematic, and marketing efforts. Once a set of hero assets are created, lower LOD assets can be quickly and easily created for efficient rendering performance under more demanding circumstances.

This first image is a realtime render (in Marmoset) of the character.

Jung screenshot image

The next set of images shown are two of the weapons created for the character. The images are screenshots rendered in realtime by Marmoset Toolbag. The shotgun is based on the Mad Max design. The handgun is based on the popular Colt/Browning 1911 design. I am aware that Winchester does not manufacture handguns. :P

Jung shotgun screenshot image
Jung shotgun screenshot2 image
Jung shotgun screenshot3 image

Below are the Zbrush sculpt screenshots.

Jung close upper front image
Jung close upper quarter image
Jung close lower image
Jung full screenshot1 image
Jung full screenshot2 image
Jung full screenshot3 image
Jung full screenshot4 image