Megan Vray Renders

This is a high resolution render project I recently worked on. It's of the Megan character and it's rendered in Vray. Megan is a character I was asked to design and create for Emotion FX as a demo character. She was sculpted in ZBrush, Modeled in 3ds Max, textured in xNormal, Zbrush and Photoshop. The hair is created with Max Hair & Fur modifiers and all the hair you see is created this way.

Vray render of the Megan character.

Vray specular element for Megan.

Above is a rendered element from the Vray render. The specular element simulates how smooth or rough the surfaces appear.

Vray reflective element for Megan.

This is a rendered element from the Vray render. The reflection element determines how reflective the surfaces appear.

Max screen of Megan.

This is a view of the geometry and emitters for the Megan head and related objects.