MX Girls

MX Girls: Alive 2

Below are images from the pre-production effort on MX vs ATV Alive 2 at the point that THQ closed the studio, abandoning further development of MX vs ATV. Aside from the high-res turntable images at the top, all the renderings feature the in-game model and texture assets. The visual efforts were to further enhance the girls' realism, and upgrade their rigs in preparation for being used much more prominently in the supercross-heavy game design of Alive 2. Presentation and show were going to be emphasized. These girls also feature a fully developed mudbox sculpt, more developed facial rig, added hand and arm bones for better deformation, and other enhancements in the hair and skin shaders. The renders below feature some of those approaches. The blonde head sculpt, textures and hair were produced to demonstrate the useability of a variant of the first model.

30 second girl turnaround image
30 second girls posed image
30 second girl textured image
30 second girls shaded image
30 second girls wireframe image

MX Girls: Reflex

These are two of the several 30 second girls I created for Reflex and Alive. There are several more and maybe I'll have time to show them soon. When Untamed was moving toward release, one of the flaws of the design became pretty obvious: the game lacked character. Immediately we put together a proposal to help remedy this by building some girls models that could be featured in the race event presentation and reflect the real world of motocross racing. In addition, plans to remove the rider's helmet and engage in dialogue, add a crew chief player coach with dialogue, female riders, and other additions were scrapped. At least the girls were used. These models are used in the pre and post race cinematic sequences which add flair and realsim to the race events.

These characters feature high poly counts to hold up to close-up cinematic shots, but are very limited for facial expressions. They can blink and open their mouths and that's about it, since we were not allowed to add facial rigs, which would have greatly enhanced their realism

Cold Weather Latina textures image
Cold Weather Latina shaded image
Cold Weather Latina wireframe image
Latina Check Girl textures image
Latina Check Girl shaded image
Latina Check Girl wireframe image