MX Screens

Below are screenshots from the MX vs ATV projects I was a part of. For the Untamed and Reflex releases, I was the Lead Character Artist, which actually meant that most of the assets built were built not by me, but team members who I mentored, taught and coached. My team handled models and textures for all the vehicles, riders and gear, trackside vehicles, and cinematic "scenario" or "presentation" characters (crew chiefs and 30 second girls, etc.). I also was in charge of the animators responsible for riders and stunts for Untamed and Reflex. Most of the credit for this effort certainly goes to the team. I only include the screens here to reflect my contribution as the team's leader and the one responsible for successful vehicle and character models.

For MX vs ATV alive, I was the primary modeler responsible for creating all the human character models, including the rider model and gear, integrating outsourced gear items, and the 30 second girl and crew chief models. Much of my contribution also came during pre-production. A sample from that effort is below in the screens showing different iterations of a possible female rider model variant that was considered for Reflex and not used.

MX Screens image
ATVs image
Female Rider Screens image