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SEO for Amy Myers MD

Amy Myers MD is my employer here in the Austin, TX area. I have been managing their SEO since 2020. Visit them at the Amy Myers MD website.











Dr Amy Myers, the engine behind Amy Myers MD
The design was initially done by a web design company, and then adjusted for SEO performance by me.

SEO Management

Over the past 2 years at AMMD, organic traffic has doubled, helping ease the stress other marketing channels have experienced. To accomplish this, I have partnered with executive and content teams to design content strategy, manage, and execute SEO content and product campaigns and initiatives to improve SERP results by:

  • Analyzing client keyword rank data and web traffic
  • Responding to Google Systems and Algorithm Updates
  • Improving E-E-A-T
  • Building content strategic initiatives, Content SEO
  • Formulating data-driven on & off-page strategy
  • Performing site and page audits and optimizations
  • Keyword and SERP Analysis
  • Performing entity definition for semantic search through content and schema
  • Designing and managing link building campaigns
  • Task and Campaign management, leadership, scheduling, and training
Amy Myers MD main image, BOYD LAKE SEO, , Leander, TX
Organic click performance for Amy Myers MD, of Austin, TX

Rank Performance

As I mention above, I started working for Amy Myers MD early in 2020. Since then, I have largely focused on increasing E-E-A-T, improving website performance and page experience, and creating valuable and linkable content that is well optimized and well defined with structured data. Another big focus has been improving site structure, and conversion rate optimization for all content and product pages .