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SEO: Vacuums360

Vacuums360 is another Wasatch Front vacuum retailer and repair shop that also offers many products online through e-commerce. I have been doing SEO for them since September 2018. In that time I have helped them achieve a 400% increase in overall rank, and top local ranks for their Utah locations. I have also assited them with web updates as they have added product to their online store. Visit the Vacuums360 website.











Rich Snippet, SERP

A major goal I have when taking on a new client is to assess their use of schema and structured data to facilitate entity definition and rich results on the Google search engine rank page (SERP). To achieve this can take a little time as Google never guarantees the presence of rich snippets. Vacuums360 is one of my clients that was able to get rich snippets very soon after I added the proper schema. The rich snippet is not only important because it reveals more information about the business, by defining the entities, but it also creates a point of interest on the results page, especially when other results lack the orange stars and pricing information in the results.

I included the whole page because it illustrates Google's Knowledge Graph. The knowledge graph is the dataset that Google has gathered on the top ranked and most relevant search result. All the information shown is what Google has gathered from the website about the subject, including coupons offered, review data, including review excerpts from the Google My Business account for Vacuums360. The Knowledge Graph also derives much of its information from the structured data on the website.

This demonstrates the importance of the top rank on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Also visible is the fact that many of the first page results are owned by citation sites and directories which have establish strong site authority and largely win these ranks due to this and the relevant information in the directories. To outrank them, you will need to establish more deep and detailed relevant content on your website about the search topics.

vacuums-360 rich snippets and SERP, BOYD LAKE SEO Leander, TX
Rank Performance for Vacuums360, BOYD LAKE SEO Leander, TX

Rank Performance

As I mention above, I started working on SEO for Vacuums360 in September of 2018. Imemdiately after finishing the optimizations for the website and pages, the rank performance spiked and has climbed ever since.