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What is SEO?

SEO is short for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Through SEO efforts, I help local businesses here in Leander, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and Austin, TX outrank their competitors and earn top search results. This is what SEO is. Local SEO strategy enables increased customer traffic and conversions for real local businesses like yours.

When it comes to the importance of visibility, the internet is no different from the real world. Visibility can make or break your business. How high you rank in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Page Results) is crucial. Statistics show 91% of users will not look past the first page before clicking a link. Getting on the first page is crucial.

The following is a breakdown of the SEO services I provide.











Site Audits, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX

Site Audits & Optimizations

A website audit includes a comprehensive scan of your website to analyze the current state of its technical SEO capabilities. Your website should be audited at least twice a year to assure optimum performance compatibility with search indexing. The site SEO audit includes a review of the following site factors:

  • Page speed performance
  • Presence of Google Analytics tracking code and functionality
  • Presence of social sharing and follow links
  • Website design, standard usability, and conversion elements
  • Technical structure problems and server error handling
  • Mobile friendliness of the website - whether there is responsive web design
  • Search robots optimization, Sitemap performance
  • Information Architecture including heading and content structure
  • Duplicate content
  • State of title tags and meta descriptions
  • Internal and external links with anchor text review
  • Site navigation and URL review
  • Review images to assure they have appropriate alt text

Keyword Research

All of the decisions made to optimize the content of a website should have a root in real data. This data comes from keyword research, targeted to your website audience. Local SEO efforts require geographic targeting to your specifc market area. Google Ads provides great tools for finding current keywords with volume projections which are in use today by your target audience. It is advisable to perform keyword research regularly to assess current keyword use by your audience to maximize your website’s ability to consistently rank well.

Keyword Research, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX
Content Audits, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX

Content Audits

Content is what will establish your website’s relevance for Google and is the defining element of your website. Your content is what your users come to find and what keeps them on your site when they get there. It’s what guides your users to convert sales or other desireable actions.

You should consistently review your content to assure that it is fresh and relevant to your audience. I can help you find what works, what doesn’t work and what needs improvement. I’ll make suggestions on what to eliminate or move to another page. It’s important that your content is optimized for maximum relevance and pleasing affect. This assures your users come away satisfied and happy, not frustrated and angry.

Good writing for the web isn't easy and I can give you suggestions on how to tailor your copy to your audience. A content audit also is a review of the text and images of the website to assess the presence and density of keywords and their the relevance for the target audience.

Page Audits & Optimizations

A page audit is an extension of a content audit, since they are both done page by page and involve what is on the page. Page audits look closely at the effectiveness of the page for ranking according to its major topic and sub-topics. Based on the keyword research, the page audit assesses the page title tag, meta description, internal and external links, canonical tag, and page content to determine areas for improvement to maximize page rank. On-page optimizations, or page optimizations are the adjustments to the page content and meta tags determined by the page audit.

Page Audits, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX
Keyword Tracking, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX

Keyword Tracking

To know what the effects of the SEO efforts on your website are, we will need to track keyword rank for all the keywords for which your site is optimized. This can be done by using any one of several available tools and services. It is necessary to track ranking for all targeted areas of your market. This is simple if you have a single geographic region you are targeting. More resources will be used if you have multiple locations to monitor. SEO often includes A/B testing of changes and their effect on rank. Keyword tracking allows for these tests and the resulting decisions to be effective and data-driven.

Link Building

One of the more effective off-page optimizations that can be done is called link building. This is acquiring links on other websites that link back to your website. These links are most effective when the link and anchor text are relevant and contain keywords on the targeted link page. Link building should be considered a form of networking and relationship building, since the most effective links will reflect relationship you build in your industry and among friends. Outreach is one way this is done.

Outreach is carried out through email and social media to find and establish contact with influencers to build rapport. The best links take time to establish, but the payoff is much greater than with spammy methods that will likely run afoul of Google algorithms.

Link Building, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX
Citations, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX

Citation Campaigns

Another form of link building is the creation of citations which are listing on professional directories, general information directories, and other directory websites that are a repository of business listing provided for the benefit of their users. Some important listings include your Googe My business page, Your Bing Places page, your listing on GPS providers such as Google Maps (connected with your Google My Business account) and, Apple Maps, TomTom and others. It’s important to know how to manage these listings to maximize the ability of search enginess to tie your business to its proper listing on these sites.

Social Media Management

Another important off page optimization is an active presence on social media channels where content and pages from your website can be shared on a consistent basis. This not only will include links to your site, but it’s a great way to build your audience of followers and your reach so that as you make new offers or release new information, your followers can have access to it and share it, potentially exxpanding your followers even more.

An aggressive and smart approach to social media can help boost traffic flow into your website. I can help you know what channels will be most effective, what to post and when. Even if you think your industry is too boring for social media, you can use social media to build your audience reach and use it as a resource for marketing purposes.

Social Media Management, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX
Google My Business, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX

Google My Business

Google My Business is an important off-page tool that will help you connect your website to Google in some powerful ways. I can help you manage this important SEO and marketing resource to enhance your presence in Google search.

Review Management

Review management has quickly become a crucial component of a business’s online reputation. I can help you create a system for getting in front of the user review process and helping you monitor customer experiences so you know about negative experiences and can resolve them before they turn into bad reviews. The system utilizes customer email lists and allows for an unobtrusive outreach to recent clients and customers to get this done. Statistics show that users prefer fresh reviews, so a conistent approach to solicitng and managing reviews is a good idea.

Review Management, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX
Content Management, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX

Content Creation & Management

Every website should be adding and refreshing content on a consistent schedule. One of the best ways to do this is through a blog. I can help you know what topics to write about that will interest your market as well as write the content for you and share it on your social media channels.


To make sure you know what the state of your website organic search performance is, I provide reports that are concise and easy to read. These get to the point of what my evaluation of your website performance is and what my plans are for future improvements.

Reporting, BOYD LAKE SEO, Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, TX