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Web Design: The Vac Shop

The Vac Shop is a website I designed for another vacuum retailer in the Chicago area. Many of these clients request a prticular layout that I have designed and so many have a similar layout with variations based on content and business needs and goals. one way I like to individualize the website is to use typography that has a unique connection to each client. The Art Deco flavor of the Poiret One typface I used for the titles and headings in this website make it stand out for me. Visit the The Vac Shop website.











The Vac Shop Website Banner, BOYD LAKE SEO, Web Design, Leander, TX
The banner area of the homepage design

Location Page

The Vac Shop is one of my clients that has several store locations. As you can see from visiting the website, each location has its own page with information unique to each store. This client at this point is only a web design client, but when they are ready to come on as an SEO client, these pages are already set up to maximize the SEO efforts of optimizting the page and applying schema in order to facilitate entity definition and rich snippets.

When I work, I prefer to use photos either supplied by the client, or that I have taken myself. When this isn't possible, there are several royalty-free sources available for web imagery. While these free sources can provide the image needs of many websites, it's preferable to buy a few key images from stock photo web sources at low cost. Professional photography and illustration is key to a good website aesthetic. I believe it's worth every penny to invest in good graphics.

The Vac Shop Location Page, BOYD LAKE SEO, Web Design, Leander, TX
Footer Banner For City Wide Vacuum, BOYD LAKE SEO, Web Design, Leander, TX
I love creating map sections on location pages. The information in a good map is highly useful to local customers.